Vijay Mallya - The Liquor King of India

Fact file and Biography of Vijay Mallya
* Vijay Mallya Father name - Vittal Mallya the famous industrialist
* Vijay Mallya mother name - Lalitha Ramaiah
* Vijay Mallya born date - 18th Dec, 1955

* Vijay Mallya born place - town of Bantwal, state of Karnataka in India.
* Vijay Mallya early education - La Martiniere for Boys School, Calcutta.
* Vijay Mallya higher education - St. Xavier's College, Calcutta.
* Vijay Mallya first wife - Sameera
* Vijay Mallya second wife - Rekha
* Vijay Mallya have one Son from first wife Sameera named Sidhartha Mallya.

* Vijay Mallya have three daugthers from second wife Rekha named Leana, Laila and Tanya Mallya.
* In the year of 1983, Vijay Mallya started his business career by joining his father United Breweries Group.
* Vijay Mallya in the 38th position of the Indian richest person list.
* Vijay Mallya in the 879th position of the richest person in the world list.
* Vijay Mallya famous as the liquor king of India.
* Vijay Mallya is well known for his Page 3 parties.
* Vijay Mallya is the Managing Director of the India's top liquor company United Breweries Group.
* Vijay Mallya net asset - In early days of 2011 $1.4 billion.
* Vijay Mallya is the owner of the Kingfisher Airlines.

* Vijay Mallya owns the IPL team Royal Challenger Bangalore.
* In the year of 2008, Vijay Mallya owns the Formula one team Force India F1.
* Currently Vijay Mallya become the Independent member of Parliament.
* In the year of 2004, Vijay Mallya succesfull bid £175,000 for the sword of Tipu Sultan at an auction in London
* In the year of 2009, Vijay Mallya succesfully bid $1.8 million for the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi.

JPMorgan Chase Company - The Biggest Private Sector Company of the World

JPMorgan Chase Company well known as the JPMorgan Chase and Co. is the world's largest public company. JPMorgan Chase Company is the American Multinational company doing business primarily in the field of Banking and financial services. The other businesses of this company are investments and retail, asset management, private wealth management and treasury and securities services divisions etc. According to the sources in the mid days of 2011, JPMorgan Chase Company net assets are around US$2 trillion.

Facts file and stats of JPMorgan Chase Company

* JPMorgan Chase Company is founded in the year of 2000.

* JPMorgan Chase Company official website is

* JPMorgan Chase Company net assets are around US$2 trillion.

* JPMorgan Chase Company Head office located at the 270 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York City in NY America.

* Jamie Dimon is the Chairman and CEO of the JPMorgan Chase Company.

* JPMorgan Chase Company is the Private Limited Company trading in the New York Stock Exchange for Best forex broker Top forex broker.

* JPMorgan Chase Company main fields of business are Banking and Financial services.

* In the year of 2011, JPMorgan Chase Company total employees are around 250,000.

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